Unilumin’s Masterpiece Adorns Krasnodar Stadium in Russia


In the biggest country of the world, there is a shiny new state-of-the-art football stadium which requires nothing less than one of the biggest and obviously state-of-the-art LED displays.


We are talking about the Krasnodar stadium in Russia, a brand new football stadium with the capacity of housing 33,000 spectators.



A massive display of 4,800 square meters covering the entire inner perimeter of the stadium and trust me the sizable curved screen is just one jaw dropping part of this mind blowing LED display.



This particular display was finished installing just in this month i.e. July 2016 and what opportune timings is as Unilumin’s outdoor fixed LED displays have been the talk of the month.  


We have been trying to tell our old as well as new customers how futuristic, reliable, robust, out-of-the-world our outdoor products are and what better way there can be to prove our point than a 4,800 square meters Ustorm 16mm in a football stadium in Russia.


Ustorm is one of the four pillars on which our outdoor fixed LED display empire stands.

And now it is lighting the Krasnodar stadium in Russia with its 8000 nits’ brightness.



High brightness and gray scale was a key requirement for an LED display to be even considered for this project but for Unilumin’s Ustorm it’s just part of its standard features.



Brightness, color scale, control systems were just basic requirements for the stadium LED display. The real challenge was to address the shape of the display required. This display had to cover the entire circumference of the stadium in a wavy shape.


This was a true brain wrecker but Unilumin’s research and development team is an extraordinary team. They managed to design several cabinets and modules in customized shapes to make sure that the stadium and its 4,800 square meters LED display maintain their wavy shape.


This project not only proved the metal of Ustorm but also showed that unlike others when Unilumin says that they provide tailor-made, customized solutions for their clients, they mean every word of it.


For more information on the Ustorm in Krasnodar stadium, please follow the link;

Unilumin’s Masterpiece Adorns Krasnodar Stadium in Russia


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