Soccerex China 2018 — Unilumin Made Breakthroughs with LED Display in Sports Industry!


​ Give insight into the sports power, grasp the pulse of industry! 

From April 17th to 18th, Soccerex Convention 2018 was held in Zhuhai, China. A cohort of masters and giants, including FIFA Secretary General Fatma Samoura, Soccerex Chairman Tony Martin, CFA Executive Vice Chairman & General Secretary Zhang Jian, gathered in the Zhuhai International Convention Center for the Soccerex China 2018.


FIFA Secretary General: Fatma Samba Diouf Samoura


Founded in 1995, Soccerex now is the leader of the world football convention, has held about 40 events in 16 cities of five continents over the years.


Chairman: Tony Martin Soccerex


CFA Executive Vice Chairman & General Secretary Zhang Jian


Focusing on football development, supporting the objectives of China’s National Football Reform Plan, Soccerex China 2018 could be regarded as a great platform to exhibit the latest expertise and innovation in areas such as the governance, technology and commercial growth of football and the related industries. 


Liu Jianhong (Moderator): Former CCTV Presenter & Senior Sports Commentator


More to the point, Unilumin was present by invitation—— as the only LED display exhibitor. Paul Liu, director of Unilumin Sports, delivered a wonderful speech on “Mutual Development of LED Tech& Sports Industry”, shared turkey solutions for sports and expressed wishes to create a better sports life with professional LED tech.


Paul Liu, Director of Unilumin Sports


Such a HUGE PLUS for LED Display in Sports Industry brought by development of China football.

The years of frustration are ready to be harvested for China football in 2018. Going by the official figures from Soccerex, there are more than 500 million football fans in China who are watching various football games online for the time being. With the development plan of FOOTBALL POWER from President Xi, the continuous expansion of the football industry has brought tremendous business opportunities to all walks of life.


In particular, LED Display in Sports industry will ring in a bumper year, since it’s directly related to sports events and has become an integral part of many modern large-scale sports venues and electronic information systems. LED display screens have important functions such as timely broadcasting of game information and playing of live highlights in sports events. Such a beautiful scenery will be added to various sports events by the big LED display screen.


Unilumin—Look  forward to  Profound  Accumulation. 

As a professional solution provider of LED Display, Unilumin’s strategic layout in sports can be traced back to 2014. From then on, Unilumin began to exploit the resource advantages in the overseas markets of sports. Moreover, Unilumin has also realized the complementary resources and combined strengths to develop the LED display market in the sports field with great synergy through sharing technology, R&D and capital with captains of  sports industry .


Unilumin Sports has by far created many classic cases worldwide, such as four stadiums of Russia 2018 World Cup, top-level professional football leagues like Eredivisie, Bundesliga, stadium screens of the 2012 Europe National Stadium in Warsaw, the large-scale display of 3650 square meters of the Kazan Universidad, the innovative cylindrical screens of the opening&closing ceremony of the Sochi Winter Olympics.


Through the two days, Unilumin has discussed with a crowd of Sports events operator, soccer clubs and associations, sports medias about the football business events and Sports LED Display industry, delivering insightful view s in support of the growth of China's football industry and our national football reform plan.


Unilumin wishes a brilliant future for Chinese football, and will make great efforts for the rising LED Display in sports industry to provide the superior LED display products and solutions.


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