FIBA Appoints Unilumin Official Global Supplier


FIBA Appoints Unilumin Official Global Supplier


On August 6th, MIES (Switzerland)/Shenzhen (China) - FIBA, the International Basketball Federation announced that Unilumin has been appointed as the official long-term LED supplier for FIBA's top-level international competitions. The announcement was made on Tuesday during a signing ceremony in Shenzhen.


In the next five years, Unilumin Sports will provide professional LED display and lighting solutions for FIBA's official basketball events, including the 2019 Basketball World Cup and the 2023 Basketball World Cup.



The Supplier Signing Ceremony of Unilumin Sports & FIBA Global was held in Shenzhen, which focused on the trend of the Smart Sports Arena. The two sides formally reached a long-term partnership. Frank Leenders, Director General FIBA - Media and Market Services SA, and Lin Mingfeng, President of Unilumin Group Co., Ltd., attended the ceremony and signed a cooperation agreement.



Mr. Lin said, "As a global basketball organization, FIBA has been committed to promoting basketball and bringing high-level basketball games to fans all over the world. Unilumin has always been the industry leader providing overall LED display solutions. We hope that through our joint efforts, we can bring cool visual experience and great excitement to the fans at top basketball games around the world."

Challenges, breakthroughs, strength, and excellence are the spirits of the FIBA competitions, which are in line with the brand spirits of Unilumin—innovation and progress. At the same time, basketball has now become an indispensable and important part of the sports world. "Better Life", the core spirit of basketball, coincides with Unilumin’s corporate vision—Together, for a brighter future.


Lin Mingfeng, President of Unilumin Group Co,. Ltd delivered a speech


The cooperation with FIBA is a profound step for Unilumin towards the sports world. Unilumin will work with all circles in the society to further promote the popularity of basketball, and actively promote the sports spirit—passion, hard work, and team spirit. We wish to bring wonderful audio-visual experience and exciting competitions to fans all over the world through the joint efforts of both parties.


Frank Leenders, Director General FIBA - Media and Market Services SA


Mr. Frank fully affirmed the technical innovation strength of Unilumin Sports in his speech and said that the LED displays provided by Unilumin Sports can meet the requirements of basketball games for high reliability, high precision, and intelligence. He also added that FIBA believes that Unlumin's products and solutions can play an important role in future basketball games. In future cooperation, FIBA will also provide comprehensive support for Unilumin Sports.


Finally, Mr. Frank said, “FIBA and Unilumin, both international organizations, have the same values and ideals and are committed to making sports business perfect.


In the strategic layout of sports, both sides have long-term planning and common goals. We believe that the cooperation between the two sides will definitely promote the development of basketball sports to a higher level.


Liu Yang, general manager of Unilumin Sports

Li Junjie, general manager of Ningbo Olympic Sports Center



At the conference, Liu Yang, general manager of Unilumin Sports, introduced the overall solution of Unilumin Sports to the audiences. Subsequently, Li Junjie, the general manager of Ningbo Olympic Sports Center, also shared the process of cooperation between the Ningbo Olympic Sports Center and Unilumin and the final visual effect of the sports project. The brand new cube LED screen in the basketball hall of Ningbo Olympic Sports Center was revealed, and it won a lot of praise from the audiences at present.


Unilumin Sports Classic Case Collection:

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Unilumin Sports Case--Ningbo Olympic Center Funnel LED Screen

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Zhou Ting, the brand director of Shenzhen New Century Basketball Club, Li Junjie, general manager of Ningbo Olympic Sports Center, and Xu Wenhai, chairman of CIST Sports, other corporate representatives also attended the signing ceremony. They had an in-depth conversation with Mr. Frank over the status quo and the future development of smart sports stadiums.




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A global leader in its market, Unilumin is a leading LED solution provider for international top-level sporting events, such as the Rio Olympics, London Olympics, and the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Unilumin provides customized and diversified solutions for a variety of sports, including basketball, football, cricket, baseball, ice hockey, horse racing, swimming, volleyball, and tennis.

The interview of 2018 FIFA World Cup audiences

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The cooperation between Unilumin and FIBA shows Unilumin’s ability to provide quality LED display products and solutions for top international sports events that have high standards. In the next five years, the two sides will continue to cooperate closely. In addition to holding sports events, Unilumin Sports will also develop sports LED products jointly with FIBA, design a series of LED displays customized for basketball games, and bring top-class sports audio-visual experience to the global audiences.